A Brief History of Sex Dolls

Sex doll HistoryCloud Climax are the Authorised UK reseller for the luxurious brand DS Dolls Doll Sweet.

Boasting the cheapest reseller prices, Cloud Climax ship DS all over the world, excluding USA, Canada, France and Germany.

In order to celebrate bringing DS Dolls to the UK and making the process of importing these beautiful sexy companion dolls so much easier for the consumer, we are bringing you this post – A Brief History of Sex Dolls!

You can see that this really is not just the latest sex toy, or next sexy fad. Love Dolls, Dutch Wives or Adult Dolls really have etched themselves into History.

Dating back to at least 8AD the myth says that Pygmalion sculpted himself a woman from Ivory and that he fed, slept and bathed her.

Between the 11th to 12th centuries naked women carved into churches had their naked breasts caressed in order to give healing powers. They were carved to ward of evil spirits.

In 15th Century Sailors carried a female doll sewn of clothing on long voyages to ‘pass the time’! (wink, wink!)

These developed in the 1930s for Japanese and German sailors too.

It is reported that a highly top secret Nazi project allowed for the sculpture of sex dolls for their soldiers during the second world war.

In the 1980s Sex Objects Ltd created the first sex robot named 36C. She had a microphone and a ‘voice’ that meant she gave responses to speech!

In 1985, Gweyneth Jones gave us the term ‘Gynoid’ in her novel, Divine Endurance.

In 1987 all prohibitions on ‘obscene or indecent’ items was lifted in the UK after a long court case starting with a company attempting to import a large consignment of sex dolls in 1982.

In 1995, The Love Ewe was created. We are not sure what this has to do with Sex Dolls. We don’t see sheep in that way at Adult Voucher Codes. The Love Ewe is definitely not available at www.cloudclimax.com !

In 1997 Mike Myers gave us the term Fembot, with the release of the film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

In 2010 Roxxxy, a sex fembot was developed by True Companion. She has advanced artificial intelligence programmed to learn about her owner.

DS Dolls are currently making advances into robotic technology in order to advance their range in the future and www.cloudclimax.com will be bringing these to the UK soon.

In the meantime for all your silicone doll needs visit www.cloudclimax.com to see the large range of fully customisable DS Dolls.


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